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Keep bike trail off B-Spa’s watershed

Ballston Spa must protect their water regardless of cost
I have noticed with great interest the request by the city of Saratoga for permission to put part of their bike trail on village watershed property.
While I am a big fan of bike paths, I am not in favor of any activity on the watershed. We in the village have been very fortunate to have developed a wonderful well field between Rowland Street and Geyser Road. Water is our most precious product. At all cost, we must protect our watershed from pollution, fire and foliage destruction.
Neighbors and others have been encroaching on our posted land, walking their dogs, hunting, hiking and jogging. I must suggest to village officials that we are in danger of a catastrophe. One lit match, one cigarette or spark, dumping of chemicals like oil or gas, could ruin our watershed. I am totally against any use or trespassing on this property.
I urge the Ballston Spa Village Board to review this request and vote with the best interest of the village in mind. I would even look into taking steps to fence the property and maintain a fire break. It may be expensive, but it’s also vital to protect our water.
James Capasso
Ballston Spa

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