City must step in and help homeless

'Homeless' are creating a dangerous distraction
I can’t help to feel a whole range of emotions each day as I pass by the intersection of State Street and Schenectady County Community College.
Here, on one side of the street you have future generations striving to better their lives by getting a great education at one of the gems of our county, SCCC. On the other side of the street most days, you have a bevy of homeless people whose numbers grow by the day.
They all take turns holding the same sign weaving in and out of traffic begging for money and congregate at the park between the road and the bus station.
Why do the police allow this each and every day? Are these people truly homeless or are they addicts looking for the quick buck to feed their addiction? Or both?
I find myself getting more and more upset by the day as their numbers grow. I know there are programs in the city to help, but find myself not even wanting to look their way anymore as they are not getting the help they need.
I have brought them food, but they do not want that, just the money. Why does the city allow this to go on each day? How do you help those who do not wish help for themselves?
Ruth Francisco

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