Dems must provide answers to Trump 

Issues are getting lost with anti-Trump rhetoric
 President Trump is a huge distraction, and intended as such by those who put him in the White House. He was called, by Bannon, the “blunt end of the stick.” The sharp end of the stick is radical legislation favoring fossil fuel interests. It’s the visible rise of the oligarchy in this country. It’s the appointment of over 100 lower court judges. It’s the destruction of environmental protective legislation. 
 The chaos in the Trump White House is intended to mask what’s going on in the judiciary and in the legislative branch. Democrats have to get their act together and to speak about policy, not their hatred of Trump.
 During Hillary Clinton’s campaign, I kept asking, “What is her view on health care, on international relations, on education?”  Those views got lost in the anti-Trump rhetoric. And look what happened.
Patricia Rush

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