Trump’s whining has no place at graduation

Trump's speech inappropriate at graduation
Recently, at the graduation ceremony for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, President Trump said this: “Look at the way I’ve been treated lately especially by the media. No politician in history, and I say this with great surety has been treated worse or more unfairly.”
Now, I’m thinking that graduation speeches should be uplifting. There should be some talk about the students, parents, hard work, determination and the future.
It shouldn’t include whining about what he deems the “worst treatment of any president.”
I am reminding all of us that President Kennedy was shot. President Lincoln was shot. President Garfield was shot. President Reagan was shot and others tried to shoot President Ford.
Do any of us not named Trump actually believe that having the media point out your chronic lying is worse than being shot? Shooting the president is a federal offense. Free press is a constitutional right. Pointing out the president’s constant lying is an obligation of the free press.
You can’t stop someone else’s bullet, but you can stop your own lying. It should be easy, but apparently it isn’t easy to stop lying for President Trump. That should disturb all of us, not just some of us. 
Glenn Gray

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