Push state Senate to pass health care bill

Where to Tedisco and Amedore support the NYHealth Act
As a 40-year small business person, I’m very grateful to friend Ed Zurmuhlen, who taught me KISS (keep it simple stupid). I search for simple time- and money-saving solutions, avoiding wasteful bureaucratic systems, like Ryan, Obama and Trump sick-care. They all just shuffle around and increase costs. 
On the other hand, the NYHealth Act actually simplifies and reduces costs ($45 billion) for New York residents, families, doctors, businesses and taxpayer-funded local governments. No co-pay, deductibles or endless paperwork; one simple plan for politicians, CEOs, freelancers, students, low-wage workers and retirees. 
We are this month just two New York senators away from passing this.
Why wouldn’t our senators support this simple plan, saving 100 percent of us time, 98 percent of U.S. money ($2,200/person), thousands of bankruptcies and deaths. Is there anything they do in their political careers that would so help the people they represent? Mr. James Tedisco (455-2181) and Mr. George Amedore (455-2350), if you care about us, simply do this now. We may thank you, come election time.
Peter Looker

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