Republicans must unite to stop Trump

Republicans in Congress need to stop Trump
Are there any thinking adults in the Republican leadership? Is there anyone who will speak truth to power and stop the dangerous presidency of Donald Trump? 
He has admitted that he fired former FBI director James Comey over the “Russia thing.” His fondness for Russia and attempts to stop the FBI’s investigation into contacts between that country and his campaign and associates is astounding. We need an independent counsel to get to the bottom of it. 
The day after this surprising development, President Trump divulged “code word secret” information to Russian dignitaries in the Oval Office. Oh, and by the way, at that meeting he did not allow American journalists to be present. The only “journalist” in attendance was a photographer from TASS, the Russian state news agency. 
President Trump has done harm to our country with these actions, and he has done harm to one of our allies, Israel. Israel supplied classified information to the U.S. for our protection and benefit, not to be shared with our common enemy Russia. 
It is time for Republicans in Congress to step up and acknowledge that we have a dangerous situation and move to remedy it. They need to stop defending the president due to party loyalty and put the security of America first. Unless and until they do, we will continue to face even more dangerous scenarios. Remember, Donald Trump has the authority to conduct wars, including nuclear strikes.
Lyn I. Kucij

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