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Party simply picked best man for sheriff

Dagostino's record shows why he was endorsed
I would like to respond to Frank Martin’s letter to the editor criticizing the decision of the Schenectady County Republican Committee and specifically my role as chairman of the Schenectady GOP for endorsing Sheriff Dominic Dagostino for re-election.
Mr. Martin interviewed with our committee, requesting our endorsement in his quest to become a candidate for sheriff. Sheriff Dagostino (a registered Conservative) also sought our support. 
The decision to endorse Sheriff Dagostino was simple. Sheriff Dagostino has an eight-year record of working in partnership with all, regardless of political party, interested in efforts to improve public safety and the criminal justice system.
Sheriff Dagostino has also demonstrated effective leadership in his efficient administration of the Schenectady County Jail. 
The Schenectady County Republican Party also recognizes Sheriff Dagostino’s accomplishments include the following:
1) Establishment of the Drug Enforcement task force that has netted 150 arrests in the past two years;
2) Partnering with Sen. George Amedore (a Republican) on the heroin epidemic plaguing our communities;
3) Developing a Sheriff’s Substation to primarily to serve Duanesburg and Princetown;
4) Creating a gang and violence intervention program to combat gun violence in our city;
5) Establishing police explorer program for our youth that has 25 members; and
6) Creation of the Marine Patrol.
While Mr. Martin had relevant experience and has run a successful restaurant business for the past few years, we simply chose the best candidate with a proven record that is consistent with the Republican Party’s position that public safety is the top priority for elected officials.
Mike Cuevas 
The writer is the Schenectady County Republican chairman.

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