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Urge lawmakers to support single-payer

NYS Health Care Act should be passed
The New York Health Care Act (Senate bill S4840) has already passed in the state Assembly and is within one vote of majority support in our Senate. This law would get private insurance companies out of the health care system.
Proper health care is a matter of public safety every bit as much as national defense, national security, and police and fire protection. Imagine if you had to navigate and pay for a mish-mash of private interests in order to get insurance for those things.
Every independent study of health care systems proves that single-payer public systems, including our own Medicare, are much easier to navigate and much less expensive than private, for-profit versions.
Please call your state senator this week (The Senate operator, 518-455-2800, can identify your senator and connect you.) and strongly urge them to move Senate bill S4840 out of committee and up for a vote. Leave the same message for the two committee chairs, Sen. Kemp Hannon (Health Committee) and Sen. Catharine Young (Finance Committee).
This year’s legislative session ends next week. For the sake of your family’s health care, please call right now.
Glenn Sanders

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