No justice for Lake George boat victim

Lake George tragedy received no justice
Alexander West killed an innocent child with blood tested that had marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy and it was suppressed. Why?
How come a lot of investigators don’t get the full facts and do the job right before they go to court?
Where is the justice? I feel sorry for the parents who have to go through life without their daughter. Why aren’t the patrol boats doing a better job of watching these party-goers? My wife and I had close encounter on the Sacandaga Reservoir in Northville also.
I suppose you Democrats are so squeaky clean. What’s hidden in your closet. What about Hillary and her private emails? If she got elected because of the Electoral College, it would have been OK? Right? Wrong.
If someone who isn’t in acting or some other high society thing they would have been put in jail for what Kathy Griffin did, showing The president with a bloody head bleeding. Good going, Kathy, you sure showed them. Maybe you can get a job with ISIS. I’m sure they would love to have you. You are a disgrace to the human race and disrespectful.
James Maxfield

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