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Saratoga Central Catholic valedictorian: Emma VanDeCar

Emma VanDeCar
Emma VanDeCar
  • Name: Emma VanDeCar
  • School: Saratoga Central Catholic School 
  • Class rank: Valedictorian 
  • Parents: John and Jean VanDeCar
  • College or other plans: Stevenson University, studying nursing
  • After college: Hopes of becoming a nurse practitioner
  • Pet peeve: When people chew their food too loudly
  • What makes you unique? I’m well balanced. I value academics, sports, my friends, family, spirituality, and myself. 
  • What you will miss most about high school: Seeing my friends, classmates, and teachers every day. 
  • What’s in your music player? Twenty One Pilots 
  • Best part about graduating: Becoming more of an adult 
  • Favorite book or author: The Catcher in the Rye 
  • Afraid of: Spiders
  • Social media: Snapchat
  • Favorite word: Tubular 
  • Who or what inspires you? Coach Mike Beson and Mr. Dan Masi 

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