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Schuylerville High valedictorian: Cody Durr

Cody Durr
Cody Durr
  • Name: Cody Durr
  • School: Schuylerville High School 
  • Class rank: Valedictorian 
  • Parents: Wayne and Karann Durr
  • College or other plans: MIT 
  • After college: I hope to create my own start-up
  • What makes you unique? I thoroughly enjoy and commit to many different activities in academics and the arts
  • What you will miss most about high school: My friends
  • What’s in your music player? Electronic/Dubstep music 
  • Best part about graduating: I will be able to study and do research at my dream college
  • Favorite book or author: The Great Gatsby 
  • Favorite word: Unsolved
  • Who or what inspires you? My family 

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