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Stillwater High valedictorian: Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller
  • Name: Curtis Miller
  • School: Stillwater High School
  • Class rank: Valedictorian 
  • Parents: Bill and Jacqueline Miller
  • College or other plans: Stony Brook University — chemical and molecular engineering
  • After college: Land a good job and travel the world!  
  • Pet peeve: People who do not say “thank you” when you hold the door for them. 
  • What makes you unique? I am myself, not the product of my social environment. 
  • What you will miss most about high school: The small class sizes and my friends. 
  • What’s in your music player? Almost every genre you can think of, minus country. 
  • Best part about graduating: Having the freedom to individualize the path of my education. 
  • Favorite book or author: Paper Towns by John Green
  • Afraid of: Failure and spiders
  • Social media: Instagram (@curtmiller22)
  • Favorite word: Perseverance 
  • Who or what inspires you? My grandfather 

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