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The ‘New New York’ is really nothing new

If New York is so great, why are people leaving?
Welcome to the “New New York,” but new isn’t always better. Living in the “New New York” is like the commercial with the cute little girl selling lemonade for $1. A man buys a cup and the girl hands him a bill for $2.37. The girl explains the price didn’t include the fresh fruit tax, the standing on her lawn fee, and pest control surcharge.
Fellow New Yorkers, does this sound familiar? Our problems start at the top, with the governor telling counties to lower property taxes by sharing services and doing more with less. When President Trump vowed to remove federal funding for sanctuary cities, the governor pitched a hissy fit.
When this year’s budget failed to pass, a rider was passed to keep the state running. Included in the rider was all $700 million of the governor’s pork projects. What happened to doing more with less, Mr. Governor? Wouldn’t the $700 million be better spent on infrastructure, education, fixing the workmen’s compensation system, and all that ails our state?
The governor thought an Adirondack gateway, Buffalo Billion, and Start-Up NY were more important. The latter is not creating the thousands of jobs we were promised. The governor has gambled the state’s future on casinos, none of which are meeting their expected revenue projections.
The governor keeps painting a rosy picture for New York while ignoring the real issues the people of this state care about. If things are so rosy, why since 2010 have approximately 1 million people fled New York state? Welcome to the “New New York.” 
Greg McDermott

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