Cricket gathering is disrupting Sundays

Visitors to the neighborhood are wearing out their welcome
When can we in the Pennsylvania and Norwood avenues start to have some peace and quiet on Sunday? Every  Sunday, a group is at the Mt. Pleasant baseball field playing cricket. We have no problem with them playing their sport, but they play their music from beginning to end of their game, ruining our quality of life in the area. You can’t sit out in your yard and enjoy yourself, listening to music so loud it’s heard all the way over to California Avenue.
 We have gone to the City Council. They informed us the property belongs to the school district and that Larry Superintendent Spring has given the group permission to play there. I’m sure the superintendent has heard of our complaints and he just doesn’t understand that we want a peaceful Sunday, not staying cooped up in our homes with the windows closed and the TV up so we can hear it over the music.
 Maybe we should get a group of neighbors over to Superintendent Spring’s house and turn up the music and show him what it’s like in our neighborhood every Sunday.
 This group parks their cars on the baseball field instead of the parking lot, leaves their garbage on the ground — it looks like a dump after they leave. Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Association President Pat Smith and I went over there and videotaped them. There was food cooking on the several gas grills, bottles of liquor on the table and tons of beer in the cars, on the ground and on tables.
When can we get our quality of life back? When are we going to be able to enjoy our yards and have company without the music blaring? When will we be able to look out our windows and not see the garbage all over the ground?
 During our walk around the field, were people urinating all over the place, right out in the open, not caring that a lady was walking by. The police have been called several times and asked if they had permits, which they didn’t. Funny thing, this is the same group that two years ago destroyed Central Park. Now they are allowed to come to this field and do the same thing. 
David Monty

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