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Shooting won’t have effect on Republicans

Republicans might be the 'enemy' but don't shoot them
The recent shooting at Republicans practicing for a baseball game with the Democrats was interrupted by James Hodgkinson shooting 
at them.  Five people were wounded and the shooter, who was virulently anti-Trump, was killed.  He was also a Bernie Sanders supporter, and when  Sanders learned this, he spoke out against his supporter’s actions, saying, “Violence is unacceptable in our society. …”
  That “society’” was formed by violence, against the enemy, the Redcoats.  Unfortunately, because of the way things are, some people think of  Republicans as “the enemy” in the most real way as did the shooter. I have a gun, too. I don’t like Republicans either. But I won’t go out shooting Republicans. But the June 14 event won’t make Republicans more likely to vote for gun control as they are, too, in debt to the National Rifle Association (NRA). So I don’t think any of them would be likely sponsors of a gun-control law.
K.C. Halloran

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