Former WTEN sportscaster Rultenberg lands new job

He joins Verizon FiOS1 News
Former ABC10's Josh Rultenberg will be a morning news reporter for Verizon FIOS1 News.
Former ABC10's Josh Rultenberg will be a morning news reporter for Verizon FIOS1 News.

Josh Rultenberg won’t be unemployed very long.

The former ABC10 (WTEN) weekend sports anchor is heading down the road to the Hudson Valley. He is joining Verizon FiOS1 News as a morning news reporter.

Earlier this month, Rultenberg was informed by WTEN his contract was not going to be renewed. His deal with the station expires Friday. Sunday was his last day on the air.

Rultenberg, who joined WTEN in January 2014, is ecstatic about his new job. He begins it July 17.

“I was over the moon to even be brought in for an interview, let alone hired,” Rultenberg said. “It’s a tremendous challenge, and I can’t wait to take it head on. Fortunate doesn’t even begin to describe it. Someone up there is looking out for me.”

Rultenberg has some morning show experience. When he arrived at WTEN, he was on the morning news for six months before being promoted to weekend sports anchor.

Still, Rultenberg will have to get used to the early-morning alarm going off.

“My life is going to get turned upside down as far as my schedule, but it’s something I’ve done before,” Rultenberg said. “I loved morning news of all the shifts I did, morning, dayside and nightside, because it allows me to show my personality while also having the rush of responding to breaking news.”

Rultenberg said that, for the moment, he is happy to get away from being a sports reporter.

“I want sports to be my escape again,” Rultenberg said. “Working in sports made me partly resent them because I didn’t want to go home and watch sports after being in it all day long. This will change that for the better. I get to go to a sporting event without a camera and with a beer.”

Rultenberg’s last day on the air was an emotional one for him.

“Writing my sign off in the morning, I cried several times,” Rultenberg said. “I had to practice it at least 10 times. I wasn’t sure I was going to get through it. As soon as I was done, I had to go to a corner of the station to just let it all out. But once I got myself together, I smiled and said goodbye to my co-workers.”

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