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Speak out against GOP health care bill

New health care act: Just say 'no'

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I count amongst my friends, neighbors, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ, people who have; lupus, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, and Down’s syndrome. Some of them barely make ends meet, and their children are also struggling. Maybe you know some folks who suffer with these kinds devastating conditions, too.
The $800 billion cut to Medicaid in the Senate health care bill is going to make the lives of my friends a lot more difficult. Why? Because Republican senators believe that really rich people need a tax break. Maybe they need a bigger boat or a newer car. But they most likely do not need additional funds to buy medication or food, or even to pay for nursing home care.
If you are worried about your friends and neighbors, like I am, call your senator, send an email, join a demonstration and let them know that you are not OK with this bill. Tell them to vote no.
Geraldine Denecke

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