Immigrants need to follow American laws

Illegal employees are the 'new' slavery
Regarding a recent letter suggesting that sanctuary cities are needed to have a functioning economy, the reasoning is that illegal immigrants will fill the void of below-minimum-wage farm work?
Call me crazy, but that sounds like an indentured servant working the fields for the lord and master. This is nothing but a new-age form of slavery.
I’m not obtuse to the horrible conditions the illegal immigrants come from. They seek to be a part of this country. The down side is they came here illegally; we are a nation of laws. Our elected officials in all levels of government swear an oath to uphold and abide by the laws. Bottom line: Sanctuary cities are a haven for criminals. That is why justice is blind. She does care of the circumstances in which you broke the law.
The United States has a Constitution on which our laws are based. No one — politicians or a specific party — has the authority to circumvent the law. If the illegal immigrants want to be a part of this country, then they need to follow due process.
My grandfather came to this country shortly after the French and Indian War and fought in our Revolutionary War. A member of my family fought in every conflict up to the Gulf War. 
They fought for the guiding principles of our Founding Fathers. As citizens, we are obligated to uphold those truths.
Robert Sponable

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