Project a hit to local workers, taxpayers

State construction projects should hire local companies
While visiting the Via Port Entertainment Center recently, I noticed the construction work being done. I was quite sad and discouraged to find out this would be the home of the New York State Tax and Finance Call Center.
Why was I sad you ask? Apparently, this project received almost $1 million in tax incentives and grants. That money comes from my taxes. Normally, I support anything that brings building to the area, because I am a local union carpenter and that’s how I support my family. I asked my local representative about the project and was informed that due to the fact that this property was being leased, prevailing wages did not apply.
Come to find out this project was never publicly bid and somehow ended up in the hands of the Galesi Group. Well, at least local people will do the work right? Wrong, judging by the 10-plus “workers” traveling in a passenger van and cars from North Carolina.
I don’t understand how this could possibly take place. Anyone involved in this deal should be ashamed to watch all the local “rich” people get “richer” while the middle class continues to struggle.
Darrin Hart

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