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Tax cuts for wealthy hurt people in need

Social programs should be protected
All people in New York deserve the security of being able to sustain basic living standards. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Snap, among others, are programs that are essential and need to be protected and improved, not cut.
Congress will soon be voting on the federal budget. Considering that many are being left behind in today’s economy, we need to increase investment in public education, affordable housing, health care, public transportation, roads and bridges, clean air, clean water, clean energy and child care. These are areas for investment that will benefit communities and also create good jobs. 
However these same areas have been targeted for reductions by President Trump’s 2018 budget. Funds from some of those cuts are being transferred to the Pentagon. New York state relies on federal funding for 33 percent of its budget and these cuts would be devastating for us. 
A responsible budget requires an increase in revenues from fair sources. The tax reductions President Trump has called for would expedite unfair tax breaks for wealthy individuals and profitable corporations.
We must all urge our legislators in Washington to oppose the tax cuts to the wealthy and to keep the programs that give a promise of prosperity for all New Yorkers.
Ann Kril
The writer is co-president of the League of Women Voters of Saratoga County 

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