We must all act to stop climate change 

Ignoring climate change won't make it go away
Reading some of the climate denying comments on Facebook, I am dismayed at how poor our educational system is doing educating students in science and how naive people are in believing the lying propaganda from politically motivated people concerning climate change. 
Some conservatives now believe that global warming is real, which is a start. But they deny that humans have anything to do with the climate change. The result is the same. Nothing gets done. The fact is that the last time the temperature increased naturally to the same degree we are currently observing was 129,000 years ago, although it took 4,000 years.
The current temperature increase has taken less than 170 years. Historic heat, floods and, droughts will continue to get worst. The Syrian civil war started with a historic drought in Syria driving people from the country to the cities. The rest is history. 
The temperature will continue to increase, according to scientists at NASA, NOAA and 195 countries that signed the Paris agreement. By doing nothing, we are condemning our children and grandchildren to the ever-increasing effects of climate change. 
John Dworak

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