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Convention not the answer to bad ethics

Convention could cause more problems
The League of Woman Voters has crossed the line. They have endorsed the New York state constitutional convention. They see it as a last hope for ethics reform. While an honorable endeavor, they have assumed the role of the captain going down with the ship.
If the convention could be restricted to ethics reform alone, we would all support it. But it can’t. Anyone of the 204 delegates can propose ending, or increasing, gun control. They could allow fracking, end tuition assistance or cut pensions.
Sad to say the league knows this. Yet, they now support the very vehicle that will allow them to have a field day — not a people’s convention, but a convention closed to the public.
The league’s fight for clean government has ended in the quick sand of ethics reform. Many a lobbyist is buying a retirement gift for its spokesperson and quietly laughing.
The last hope for ethics reform is to pass legislation, not a convention. The long race must now be done by the public alone. The League of Woman Voters has dropped the baton.
George Hebert

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