Senators should be voting by conscience

Politicans need to remember they work for us
If I read Hugh Hewitt correctly, our democracy and perhaps the long-term safety of the Western Hemisphere is at risk because one senator from Nevada has suggested he might vote his own conscience rather than Sen. Mitch McConnell’s.
Okay, I exaggerate. But certainly no more than Hewitt does in his June 27 column, “Make-or-break moment for GOP.”
Come on, Hugh. Sen. Dean Heller’s announced unhappiness with the Senate version of a new health care bill is “political insanity?” I don’t think so. Sounds to me a bit like “political honesty.”
As I understand our constitutional government, the duty of any elected official, Sen. Heller for example, is to serve what he honestly believes to be the best interests of those who elected him. It’s not his duty to support the political maneuvers of some other elected official, Sen. McConnell for example.
Phil Sheehan

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