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Not ashamed of liberal viewpoints

Dem/Libs aren't mean, just truthful
Folks it’s time to give an old man a break, since I’m in my 70s. Twice in the last two years I have been labeled a hater and a liberal. The latest was by Mr. Marc Smalkin of Latham on June 28.
If being a Democrat and believing in equal pay for the same job regardless of sex or ethnic background, judging a person by their deeds rather than the color of their skin, believing one person’s opinion is worth as much as another’s, then I am a hater and a liberal.
Tattoo the words across my forehead.
There are two things I must address in Mr. Smalkin’s opinion.
Mr. Smalkin must think the sun rises and sets in the butt of Dr. Arthur Salvatore.
He states that the doctor states that the 45,000 psychiatrists who diagnose without meeting the subject should lose their medical licenses. Yet, without meeting the man who shot Rep. Stephen Scalise, Mr. Smalkin diagnoses the man as a “nut job.” What are his qualifications?
Second: Mr. Smalkin states: “The editors of The Gazette should be embarrassed to print such garbage…” [The June 12 letter from Cynthia Swanson]. Mr. Smalkin, without knowing the employees of The Gazette, I’m of the opinion that their education level is above the sixth grade and,  as I believe, they believe one person’s opinion is as good as another’s. I also bet they do not have to “Google” words to find their meaning.
Joseph Gibson
Ballston Lake 

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