New pump station will be devastating

New pump station won't be neighborhood friendly
It has come to my attention that the new pump station in Schenectady’s Stockade neighborhood is going to be 10 feet from my door.
I have lived next to the existing pump station for 13 years and have been a good neighbor.
According to recent discussions, a new building with be built along side of the current station and my property value is once again in jeopardy. In 13 years, my home has had numerous flooding, and Hurricane Irene had cost me financial and emotional pain and suffering.
This new plan to build right next to my home not only ensures I will lose any value the home may have, but it places my health is at risk. What my neighbors have not taken into consideration is how this exhaust system responsible for the entire city’s waste will influence a human being living in such proximity or the noise that will accompany this exhaust system. My quality of life will be impacted unlike any other Stockade residents.
I love my neighborhood and park and I carefully maintain my property. I pay around $12,000 a year in taxes, homeowners and flood insurance on a property — I will not be able to sell. I understand my neighbors not wanting parkland utilized for a new pump station, but I hope they will understand and support a good neighbor and realize I am at risk and could sure use their support.
The last few years, due to budget cuts, the pumping station exterior and landscape have suffered from neglect.
I love the current look of the existing pump station, but it cannot function as intended. Will the city have the funds for its future upkeep? Tearing it down and building the new one on its footprint is a solution we should all be able to live with.
Deborah Ashline

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