Elia: State test results expected in mid-August

Goal is to improve comparisons between years, schools, districts

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Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said Monday she expects the results from annual state tests to be released publicly by mid-August.

The results allow for the comparison of schools and districts to one another from a student performance perspective, as well as showing how students progress from year to year. But changes in recent years have dampened those comparisons.

While state officials say they are moving toward consistent and comparable assessments, the tests have shifted in recent years, largely in response to waves of parent and educator criticism, coupled with dramatic numbers of test refusals.

This year’s results should be comparable to last year’s because there were no changes to how the test was administered. The year before, officials limited the number of questions and lifted time limits, warning that those changes would complicate comparisons to previous years’ results. Beginning next year, officials will further reduce total testing time, moving from two different three-day tests to a pair of two-day tests.

Last summer, the test results were released the last week of July.

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