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Vero has earned a new term on bench

Re-elect Vero

Vero has earned a new term on bench

Why does voting for an office like city court judge matter? In the upcoming Independence Party primary on Sept. 12, people may see that the only office is city judge and think: “This office has no impact on me personally, why should I care?” and pass it over.

However, an elected judge has a significant impact, not only on the community, but on citizens’ day-to-day lives.

Judges are often faced with controversial or tough decisions. A community must be able to trust that their judges will make sound and ethical judgments — regardless of current political trend or economic pressures.

Recently, I was honored to meet and speak with Judge Francine Vero while she was canvasing. I learned, to my surprise, that she is the first woman ever to serve as a Saratoga Springs City Court judge. In that conversation, it became quickly evident how dedicated Judge Vero is to her community, and how important it is for her to consider both sides while remaining impartial.

I also learned Judge Vero was very active in domestic violence and rape crisis services in our community before her appointment, and currently is the only city judge to hear these cases.

In short, city judges really do matter — as an Independence Party member, I will be voting to keep Judge Francine Vero (the party’s endorsed candidate) on the bench at the Saratoga Springs City Court. I strongly urge everyone to do so as well.

Anna Jastrzab

Saratoga Springs

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