Blame the owners, not the pit bulls

Pit bulls reflect owners


Dogs, no matter what the breed from poodles to pit bulls, are not bred to fight, bite or be aggressive.

It happens because of abuse, neglect or poor breeding at the hand of humans. Please note that the woman in Amsterdam did jail time in Schenectady for aggressive dogs. It’s not the dog, it’s the owners. Stop with the pit bull/pit bull mix, bashing.

I need to know why if it’s ignorant and racist to assume by someone’s nationally or ethnic background that they must be killers, mobsters, drunks or drug users or dealers, then why is it OK to assume because a dog is a pit bull or pit bull mix, it must, of course, be a crazy, blood-thirsty killer? It’s not OK. It’s ignorance. A dog is a dog, just like people are people. Ban the ignorant people, not the breed of dog. Learn about dogs and the breed.

City Council members, past and present, should worry about high taxes, low graduation rates, zombie houses, crime and drug usage and dealing. and may be worry that the wrong people are owners of pit bulls and that there should be better ownership screening for these dogs.

Rita M. Smith



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