Trump is not suited to be our president



Comrade Trump is intellectually and morally bankrupt. He spends most of his time watching fake news (Fox), playing golf, publicly degrading his inner circle (though not his unqualified family) and blaming everyone else from Congress to China when things don’t go his narcissistic way.

Trump spends no time reading and understanding complex issues like foreign affairs and health care and doesn’t have a clue how to govern like a real president. He went from promising to protect Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security during the campaign (which probably won him many votes) to willingly throwing 99 percent of us under the bus so that he could feel victorious (his only measure of success).

Throwing millions off their health coverage is not leadership. He surrounds himself with yes people and fellow liars with little or no class (like himself) and agency heads who want to dismantle consumer and environmental protections.

Look Trump supporters, not every regulation is bad. And what’s with Trump and the GOP’s obsession with undoing everything that President Obama put in place during his term? I suspect a lot of it is racially motivated. That conveniently fits the conservative mold.

We have no foreign policy and are the laughingstock of the world. More importantly, our “friends” and enemies do not respect or fear us, which could have major consequences. So much for Trump’s nationalist agenda. Finally, watch what happens when Special Prosecutor Mueller gets into Trump’s tax returns and unveils his ties to Russia. If he fires Mueller, impeachment is sure to follow. Just follow the money trail to Trump Towers.

Raymond Harris



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