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2 new downtown Saratoga hotels proposed

Would be built next to historic structures
The larger of the two proposals calls for a six-story, 152-room hotel at 7 Washington St.
The larger of the two proposals calls for a six-story, 152-room hotel at 7 Washington St.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Proposals for two new hotels, totaling more than 200 rooms, will continue through the city’s review process Wednesday, as they are put before the Design Review Commission.

Both are put forth by the owners of historic Spa City hotels — the Rip Van Dam and the Adelphi. The new hotels would be directly adjacent to their historic counterparts —- and to each other.

The larger of the two proposals is by Saratoga Springs Partners and is the latest iteration in the long-running effort to develop land behind the Rip Van Dam. It calls for a six-story, 152-room hotel at 7 Washington St., around the corner from the Rip Van Dam, which is at 353 Broadway. 

The site plan previously was approved. Wednesday’s request is for a modification that would increase the room count from 142 to 152; replace the sixth-floor ballroom with a pool; and add a sixth-floor restaurant and open-air terrace.

The main Rip Van Dam building was long ago converted from a hotel to office and commercial space. Its western wing — where the new hotel is proposed — was demolished a decade ago, after preservationists fought a long but unsuccessful battle to save what was by then a crumbling structure.

The smaller hotel proposal is targeting 19-23 Washington St. That plan was put forth by Adelphi Hotels Partners LLC, owner of the Adelphi Hotel at 365 Broadway.

The partners propose a six-story, 50-suite hotel and spa on a roughly half-acre space adjacent to the site where the Rip Van Dam owners propose to build. It would be operated independently of the Adelphi, which has just completed a massive overhaul.

The site currently houses a 30-by-40-foot stone house at 23 Washington St. that formerly was a church rectory. A roughly 1,200-square-foot wood-construction addition to the stone house is in poor condition, according to the developers, who propose to raze it. The stone house would be renovated into a guest suite, and a connector would be built between it and the main hotel building.

Total hotel space would be just under 60,000 square feet.

The commission is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the City Council Room in City Hall.

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