Schools must get tougher on parents

Students need discipline at home too


I was sad to read the Sept. 22 headline about student grades getting worse. When are the so-called “powers that be” going to face reality and admit or speak out on what the real problem is — the parents and/or guardians?

Many students get no guidance at home, aren’t taught respect for authority or the law and don’t learn basic social skills like how to speak, write or think for themselves. Put away machines — yes iPhones, computers, TV — and give the brain a chance to grow.

Discipline is a must. No more baby-sitting these kids. Demand that the parents make their kids realize their job is learning. A lot of these kids come from low-income families. Tell parents if they do not take control of their kids, all monies will be cut off. In some nations, they’d be put in jail for child abuse.

Hard words, you bet. But that’s all that seems to get through to some people. I think all of you should demand this, and throw out those who have crippled for so long the education system in this nation — especially in inner cities. One-size-fits-all does not work, and money isn’t the answer, as Superintendent Laurence Spring says it is. Think and act on this now.

Al Marvell


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