NFL protesters show disrespect to veterans

NFL's behavior is hypocritical


After working all Sunday, I settled in Sunday night to watch my favorite sport — football. I’m not a Trump fan and I knew his typical schoolyard remarks regarding the National Anthem would do more harm than good. So I got what I expected as I watched the Raiders and Redskins players, coaches, and owners join together in disrespecting our nation’s veterans as a knee-jerk rebuttal to Trump.

Almost on cue, the NFL ran a commercial announcing their “Salute To Service!” What a joke. It was an insult to our veterans and current service men and women, if anything. These protesting NFL players haven’t sacrificed anything for this country. They receive millions of dollars for playing a child’s game as an adult. They enjoyed free college and, if hearing them speak is any indication, they never had to even study or take tests.

So I will supply them with the history they missed. The National Anthem tells the story of England’s invasion of Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812. It describes the sacrifices our troops made to save our nation. My father spent three years as a Marine in the Pacific fighting the Japanese. Each battle was basically a game of “capture the flag.”

His unit, Carlson’s Raiders, had a 75 percent casualty rate. He said when they raised that flag, emotions would flow thinking of all their friends who just died so that flag would fly. So when these NFL players sit, take a knee or stay in the locker room, they’re not hurting Trump, a trigger-happy cop or the government. They’re disrespecting my father and all those before him and after him who gave their blood so these guys could burn through their millions. I’ve watched my last NFL game today.

Graham Higgins


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