From The Open Door Bookstore: Two great October reads

Michael Korda weighs in on subject

Amy Lane, the general manager for The Open Door Bookstore and Gift Gallery in Schenectady, has recommended a few of her favorite recent releases for this week’s Capital Region Reads.

As the fervor for stories of Dunkirk continues, we are fortunate to have new writing on the subject — even more so because one of the greats, Michael Korda, has turned his keen eye and riveting style to the topic. “Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory” is an illuminating examination of the events from a political, historical and personal perspective. Korda combed through archives and discovered perceptively thorough personal accounts of the days leading up to that fateful siege — and its aftermath — and manages to combine them into a brilliantly gripping narrative of this incredible moment in history.

The next time you’re at your local bookshop pick up “The Antlered Ship” by Dashka Slater, illustrated by The Fan Brothers. It is one of the finest picture books this season. With its perfect blend of words and images, it begs the reader to savor each and every page. Meet Marco, a fox full of questions about the world around him, such as ”why do some songs make you happy and others make you sad?” Then, before turning the page, take in the gloriously detailed illustrations — from the fine hairs on Marco’s coat, to the tiny toad sitting nearby. Read and observe as Marco joins the crew of the Antlered Ship where he hopes to find the answers to his many questions, and where his adventure begins. Utterly delightful and enchanting!

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