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Change Saratoga’s charter for better representation

For a better government, vote yes


Sometimes change is tough, but necessary. After much research and thought, I, as a resident of Saratoga Springs, voice my support for the new charter and will vote yes in November.

The current form of government was founded when Saratoga Springs was a corrupt gambling town. A few wealthy and powerful men controlled the interests of all residents of this city. That legacy has continued through today. Look carefully at who is supporting a no vote.

The real “success” they espouse is the political back-room deals made over the years with these commissioners playing and paying politics to get what you want. If you aren’t getting a favor, or doing a favor, then you can pretty much forget having a voice in this city. What you will get is deadlock and inaction.

Saratoga Springs residents do not owe this current form of government anything. Much of our smart growth and success is owed to citizen groups like Saratoga PLAN, Sustainable Saratoga and the tireless energy of other volunteers. Their dedication to our city, not this antiquated commission, is a big reason for our city’s success.

The new charter will take the politics and back-room deals out of our government. Having a professional, non-partisan city manager who represents all our interests will curb all this bureaucracy. A “yes” vote on Nov. 7 will finally give our city a true representative government that works for all of us.

Michael Winn

Saratoga Springs

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