Plenty of facts to show that Trump is a big liar

Truth is needed in government

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Re Sept. 12 letter, “Liberals need to stop undercutting Trump”: Ms. Sylvia Gore, if you want factual examples of 45’s (I won’t glorify his name) lies, you do the work.

Open your eyes and watch 45 in his own words, not mine, not Ms. Michele Koester’s. You have, I believe 2,500 all-out lies spoken by this man in video or in tweets, on the campaign trail, post election, while in office.

I noticed you also mirror your idol by bringing up President Obama’s assertion that you could keep your doctor. Is that your major complaint about Obamacare?

Of course, Benghazi, that’s been a go-to for 45 for ages. But after all of these hearings, Republicans have been unable to come up with proof that Clinton acted illegally. Right now, on a daily basis the noose tightens around 45’s neck. And like the coward he is, he will resign before he releases his taxes, which may come out once the New York attorney general gets done with him.

You see, there won’t be any pardons for state charges, which begs me to ask the question, if there is no there there, why, pray tell, does 45 want to pardon himself and everyone around him? Just like with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a pardon is an admission of guilt.

Talking about pardoning oneself and all of his friends and family is proof enough of guilt for me. The innocent don’t cop a plea.

You state that “patriots who truly love our country do not actively seek to destroy its president.” Really? Where were you for the eight years that President Obama was in office? Hypocrisy.

Kenneth Kimball


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