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Convention may have poor consequences

NY doesn't need a convention


The New York State Constitutional Convention proposal on the reverse side of this year’s election ballot in November could create many zombie issues — gun control, affordable housing, fracking and much more.

At the bottom of a long list is an innocent-looking cyanide tablet — leasing state lands.

Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings wants to have access to the New York State Thruway. They want a 150-mile tar sand crude oil pipeline from Albany to the New Jersey refineries. Why is this an issue? It’s buried on top of the Catskill and Delaware aqueducts.

These aqueducts supply water to the New York City aqueduct. An oil spill could compromise the entire infrastructure. Tens of millions could be affected. Millions of jobs could be at risk. It could be a worse disaster to our nation than all the hurricanes combined this year.

One convention delegate proposing the reduction of state Department of Environmental Conservation regulations for state land use could become the cow of Mrs. O’Leary’s, knocking over the lantern and burning down Chicago.

Don’t create this possibility. Turn over your ballot and vote “no” to Proposition 1. Kill the New York State Constitutional Convention.

Judy Richards

Saratoga Springs

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