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Shakeup needed in Schoharie government

Vote for who will do the best job


With this upcoming election, several Schoharie towns will have a chance to make a change in their towns as they vote for their town supervisor. If they decide to pick someone new, that means we will have change at the county level also. In my opinion, this would be a positive for all of us.

So with this election, several supervisors could be displaced and hopefully replaced with some independent thinkers, with some new ideas. (Most votes by the board usually go right down party lines in Schoharie.) We need to get things moving on some of these major issues and projects that never seem to get resolved, they only seem to drag on year after year.

The Schoharie County Republicans have been in charge and have been running the show forever in the county. The Schoharie County Democrats have been non-existent and irrelevant since FDR was president. As for the party that I affiliate myself with, the Conservative Party, are you even organized? Do you always do exactly what the Republican Party does or tells you to do?

Hey, I have an idea for all of the partisan political hacks: How about stop playing party politics, stop always putting your parties first and maybe just once put the people of Schoharie County first. After all, it’s the people, and all of the people of Schoharie County, that you represent, regardless of their party enrollment.

As for the two races for county sheriff and district attorney, I could care less what party endorses any of them. My only concern is who can and will be doing the best job to protect the residents and visitors of our county.

So to all who have taken that step and jumped in the political arena this year, I thank you all and best of luck this November.

Jerry Fiore


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