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Alplaus property has history of flooding

The site has a history of flooding


As longtime Alplaus resident, I’m deeply concerned about the proposed development in our hamlet. In addition to 31 houses, Prime Companies wants to build 197 units — eight five-story buildings with 160 apartments/condos and 37 townhouses — on the Mohawk River shoreline.

Recently, a volunteer fireman in Alplaus told me about dealing with flooding at a home in our town. He recalled several times when the river had risen and the firefighters had to go in and rescue the family.

The proposed development is also right on the river. The site has a history of flooding. What will happen when the water rises? How will the volunteer firefighters deal with hundreds of new residents in the flooding area?

The developer plans to build the units with garages at ground level and living space on the upper levels. When the water rises, the garages will flood, and cars and other chemicals stored there will pollute the river.

This reminds me of the sad scenes I have seen on TV recently. Why do we keep allowing structures to be built in flood-prone areas? That scene could happen here.

I ask the Glenville Town Board and the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to think about this scene when they review this proposed development. Maybe building 197 units right on the river in an area with a history of flooding is not a good idea.

I also ask our neighbors to think about this and please send their thoughts regarding this development to the town and the DEC.

Judy Harris




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