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Cashless tolls add to growth of Big Brother

E-ZPass is 'Big Brother' watching


Re Oct. 1 editorial, “Time for state to go all in on cashless tolls”: I would like to present my objection to your “Big Brother” approach.

In the past, you published how much money New York state gathered in interest with E-ZPass account deposits, more money for our reckless spending state.

Per the Massachusetts experiment of charging out-of-staters and non-E-ZPass patrons even more money than E-ZPass patrons, this becomes a deterrent to using toll roads, possibly increasing traffic and accidents on our secondary roads. I also object to the concept of using E-ZPass to track my usage, times and destination due to my distrust of my “benevolent” government. In eliminating all the toll collectors’ jobs, who will provide assistance to the “lost” tourists? How many of these out-of-work collectors will be put into “make work” jobs and how many will end up receiving some form of public assistance? I’m sure your readers will be able to provide additional objections to this poorly devised revenue enhancer. I feel it’s time to say no to your liberal/socialist concepts that Big Government will take care of us all.

Lance Frasier


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