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Act now to prevent another shooting

Try to be proactive


If you think guns are the No. 1 problem in this country, think again. It’s drugs sold on the streets, in drug stores and elsewhere.

The next problem is the easy buying of guns all over the United States. Most people know this is true. The government has to take a big-time look at all of this and change all the old-fashioned laws that don’t seem to work. This time, we all have to work together and get the proper laws passed in all areas to put a stop to this madness.

Another law that could go into effect is to give everyone a 90- or 120-day notice to have automatic guns turned in, no questions asked. After that, if someone gives any information on someone who has an automatic gun and that gun is found by law enforcement authorities, that person faces a jail term of 10 years, plus more if other guns are found.

It sounds unfair, but this is what it many take to get rid of the automatic guns that people now have. It won’t be easy, but we have to do something now, not later. We don’t need another Las Vegas event.

Sid Gordon


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