Show respect for country, but also act

United we can fight racism and prove loyalty to country.


I’m writing this with a heavy heart and fear that as a country, we have lost respect for many things that as American we should hold dear. Yet, people seem torn between what’s right and what’s a show of patriotism.

Racism is alive and well in this country. But, I feel, holding arms during the anthem is more of a show for the racism fight, as players become united as one. Isn’t that what we are trying to do by fighting this long, senseless problem of racism?

I don’t have a direct answer to how to solve racism, but it’s something we all are responsible to fight against it. Reading of the moment of silence during a high school football game for the victims of Las Vegas caused people to kneel shows how we forget respect for those that died or were injured for no good reason.

I’m fearful that nuclear war seems closer now than ever. I remember in the ‘50s hiding under our desks during an air raid drill and how scary that was. I’m reliving that fear now when our president, using a social platform, talks off the cuff. When will someone reel him in?

Calling the head of another country, no matter how we think of him personally, by a downright poor nickname isn’t a presidential way to handle a crisis. It’s not a respectful or diplomatic way to prove a point. Talking about how we will destroy North Korea isn’t the answer.

We can’t forget the destruction of Hiroshima. There will be another Hiroshima, but this time many more innocent lives are at stake.

“United We Stand” are not just words. United we can fight the longtime racist card and prove our loyalty to our country.

We have to know when our rights to voice our opinion and our need to show respect for this great country have to be separated.

Vincent F. Carelli


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