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King will keep moving Gloversville ahead

Vote for Dayton King


Gloversville Mayor Dayton King has reached out to the school district to allow the Participation in Government students to host and moderate a debate at the Gloversville High School. He’s reached out to the Chamber of Commerce to see if they would host a debate for the business community as well. This is a great way to involve the youth of our community, since they are the future of our city.

I always hear comments that there’s not enough for teenagers to do. Well, this is a positive way for them to learn about the importance of their vote and for them to realize that this isn’t a popularity contest, but a decision that will have consequences.

Learn about the candidates and choose wisely, not based on friendships, but based on who can provide the best future for our city. This is Dayton King’s third run for mayor.

The past two have been positive, above-board races with no dirty tricks. So ask yourself why this one is different and then look at what each person has to offer. Don’t look at the promises that cannot be kept based on the city’s financial position, but at the true facts of what has been done and what can be done without taxes being increased. If you truly look at the facts, you will see the obvious answer.

Anyone can read from a prepared text. But a person who seriously expects to be the mayor of Gloversville needs to speak to the voters, answer their questions and explain his views. We’re currently working in a positive direction. Please be sure that your vote continues to keep moving us forward. Vote for Dayton King on the Conservative Party line on Nov. 7. Let’s have a real debate.

Marcia Weiss


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