Daily Gazette takes over printing for Glens Falls newspaper

Publisher: Deal expands printing options for The Post-Star
Daily Gazette press operators during a press run in March.
Daily Gazette press operators during a press run in March.

SCHENECTADY and GLENS FALLS — The Daily Gazette is adding another publication to the portfolio of newspapers it prints in Schenectady.

Beginning with the Oct. 24 edition, The Post-Star in Glens Falls will roll off the press at 2345 Maxon Road Extension, becoming the fourth daily newspaper, including The Daily Gazette, to be printed here.

“We’re most excited about the fact that [The Daily Gazette] just has a better press than we do,” The Post-Star publisher Robert Forcey said. “We’re going to have more color options — more formatting options — and then when you add onto that that [The Daily Gazette] is hiring as many of our folks as can qualify for the positions, it was a win-win.”

The Post-Star has four press operators and five mail room employees who will be affected by the change, Forcey said.

There is expected to be no impact on delivery times, though deadlines for editorial content “will move up a little bit,” Forcey said. 

“And they will be more strict, so we will not be able to hold the paper for a late sports score,” Forcey said.

Daily Gazette Chief Financial Officer Lance Geda said there will be no impact to readers of The Daily Gazette from the additional press runs, either.

The Daily Gazette bought a new press in 2015 — a $2.3 million investment — and deals with other publications are helping the company realize a return on that investment.

“We’re able to fit this into our normal printing windows, and the more printing you do, the better we get at it,” Geda said. “We’re dedicated to making sure the quality of The Post-Star is as high as the quality of The Daily Gazette and the Amsterdam Recorder and the other daily papers we print. 

“These guys take a tremendous amount of pride in putting out a quality paper, and that will not change.”

“We are extremely pleased to be working with the Post Star,” The Daily Gazette Publisher John DeAugustine said. “We have invested millions of dollars into our printing platform, and we are honored to be able to use these tools to print The Post-Star products. 

“The Post-Star has such a long and wonderful history of producing excellent local journalism, and it is not lost on us that we will need to do an outstanding job for their readers.  We are committed and anxious to get started.”

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