District supports lack of respect for flag, country

Take a knee, don't not support at the school budget


I was greatly concerned as I read about the elimination of the national anthem from the Niskayuna High School fall pep rally. It was also disheartening to learn that certain school athletes are “taking a knee” when our national anthem is played at sporting events.

Then, to make matters worse, I read of the public support that Niskayuna High School principal (and NFL recruiting agent) John Rickert, district Superintendent Tangorra, and the Niskayuna school board have given in to these less-than-admirable students.

If the district administration condones eliminating the national anthem from a schoolwide event, what will be eliminated next, the “Pledge of Allegiance?” I read quotes of “We support our students,” but does the district support the United States? I am beginning to wonder.

The district says “we teach respect,” yet the administration allows students to disrespect our nation, our flag, our anthem and our soldiers by “taking a knee” during the national anthem. If these students could have served a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea or Nazi Germany, perhaps they would have a greater appreciation for the country they live in.

How can a school district such as this be trusted to run a taxpayer supported, multi-million dollar school budget? It’s very discouraging to see the culture of hypocrisy and denial that the Niskayuna school district administration and Niskayuna school board operates in. That is a culture that I will “take a knee” to and not support at the budget vote in May.

I will “take a knee,” too, and not support at the budget vote in May.

Lonsdale Walker


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