Tough gun control laws infringe on our rights

2nd Amendment: '...shall not be infringed'
All these shootings are by design. Why? New York state has the worst gun control in the world and the strictest laws, but yet shootings continue.
The left is trying for a civil war so the government can call martial law and take control of our nation and confiscate our guns.
The Democratic left will do anything to accomplish this. They hit big groups to promote fear and keep people apart. But this is what brings people together. And when the people had enough of loved ones getting shot, they’re going to go after Washington because all the gun control in the world won’t stop it. They would rather infringe on our rights than make stiffer laws for these shootings. What does that tell you?
New York state already infringed on our rights and violated the Supreme Court decision that we have the right to self protection of life and property. This state broke the commerce law to allow price gouging i.e., A box of .225 rifle bullets was $1.59 for 50 rounds; today it’s $7.50 for the same box.
Gov. Cuomo killed target shooting, skeet shooting, trap shooting, hunting and competition shooting. You have to buy ammo for safety. Then you have to have enough ammo for target,-hunting, skeet and trap and competition sports — but can’t afford to buy them.
So the dealers raised their prices to compensate for the lost revenue. Make up your mind if you’re going to buy into this corruption or stand your ground for your rights. To support socialism and communism is to be controlled by the government. Capitalism is freedom.
Socialist and communist — if you don’t abide by the laws, they kill you, with no protection. Russia, North Korea, Iran and others are proof of their work. Support Trump. Congress doesn’t want to make stiffer laws. Oh, well.
Claude Rizzicone Jr.

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