Saratoga Springs

Kelly will bring quality leadership to Spa city

Vote for Meg Kelly


In November, I will vote for Meg Kelly for mayor of Saratoga Springs. Meg exemplifies the five “C’s” of quality government leadership.

Meg is consistent. Her no-nonsense approach and business savvy produces results on time, every time. Meg is committed. She is determined to continue the path of increasing our citywide green initiative, as well balancing the concerns of our business community. Meg is cooperative. She takes the time to understand conflicting views and regularly offers solutions to competing interests resulting in movement towards stated goals.

Meg is caring. Her dedication to assuring inclusion and safety for our immigrant workforce and assuring affordable housing for all is unwavering. Meg is confident. Her transition from business leadership to public service has created unique abilities to serve the city in a collaborative way.

Moreover, Meg is creative and willing to build consensus towards a bright future for Saratoga. Vote for Meg Kelly this November and watch Saratoga continue to grow. We need common-sense leadership-consistent, committed, cooperative, caring and confident.

Connie Sullivan

Saratoga Springs

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