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Time to build a wall around White House

Time to get on with nation's business


George Will never iterated my brand of social thought or governance. However, I often read his pieces because he uses the language superbly, and his logic, as we read in the Oct. 15 piece, is often indisputable.

Now if he could do a rewrite and bring the text down to about the fourth-grade level (sorry fourth-graders), perhaps the “gullibles” — both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House — would take the hint and stand strong, rather than cower, and indeed finance building a wall.

Twelve inches thick, reinforced concrete, 18-feet high, 10-foot-deep footers, totally surrounding the White House. No windows, no gates.

Toss food over the wall, just enough to keep the “dingbats” enclosed alive until the next election.

Then, Chuck and Mitch, let’s get on with the nation’s business.

Robert Nessle


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