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We have alternatives to a state convention

No to Constitutional Convention

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Salvation has been given to the taxpayer. Proposition 1, the New York state constitutional convention, is no longer needed. Instead we have a less dangerous and inexpensive choice in Proposition 2.

Proposition 2 is the loss of state retirement system pensions of convicted felons. If convicted, a lawmaker would not only face prison, his family would loose his pension’s income.

Supporters of the constitutional convention are yelling the convention would bring ethics reform. Proposition 2 was created without the help of a convention. It isn’t costing us hundreds of millions of dollars or exposing our state constitution to unwanted change. It is, however, holding an ax over the heads of those who would break the law. Proposition 2 is an effective, just and swift punishment for the felon who would rob and abuse his power of office. In other words, the necessity of the constitutional convention is passé. Its main argument for passage is moot.

Proposition 2 will keep an honest man honest and a convicted felon penniless — exactly what the taxpayer wanted in ethics reform.

Nov. 7, turn your ballot over and vote “no” on Proposition 1. Then vote “yes” for the rest. Kill the convention.

George Hebert


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