Niskayuna youngsters enjoyed their turns on ‘Fun Home’ stage

They answer 3 questions about show
Sofia Trimarchi (left) and Gabriella Pizzolo.
Sofia Trimarchi (left) and Gabriella Pizzolo.

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Although “Fun Home: The Musical” is just about to open at Proctors, two Niskayuna girls are already quite familiar with the show.

They probably had the show memorized at one point. 

Gabriella Pizzolo and Sofia Trimarchi have both been in the production, just at different times and places. Pizzolo, now a freshman at Niskayuna High School, was in the Broadway production in 2015.

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Trimarchi, now a sixth-grader at Van Antwerp Middle School, was in the touring production from 2016 to 2017.

They both understudied and/or played small Alison, the youngest of the three Alison Bechdel characters. Trimarchi was also an understudy for Alison’s two brothers, John and Christian.

Altogether, they’ve probably seen or been in the show well over 50 times, but they’re both thrilled to see it again, especially in their hometown.

“I’m so excited to see it reimagined here,” Pizzolo said.

They recently caught up with The Gazette to give us a center-stage view of the production:

What is small Alison like?

Gabriella Pizzolo: Small Alison grows up in a small Pennsylvania town and she’s figuring out herself. She knows that she’s different and her family is also a little bit different from most families and she knows that as well.

Sofia Trimarchi: She’s very confident. And very curious, she always wants to know what’s going on, just like me. I always want to know what’s happening. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself, most of the time. That was a really interesting character to play.

What’s something people might miss if they’re not watching carefully?

Pizzolo: The show moves very fast, just as life does. But I think, overall, you probably miss all of the similarities between the three Alisons. They’re all the same person, they all have the same mannerisms, they speak a certain way [and] they say the same slang. I think it’s really interesting because as you grow up things change, but some things never do.

Trimarchi: Alison is standing at her drawing table, usually in the back sometimes in the front, depending on the scene. She’s watching her life play out in front of her trying to remember things to put into her book that she’s writing. Sometimes, if you’re not watching carefully, [if] you’re not watching her, you’re watching the scene, which is what most people do, you’ll miss some of the reactions that she has to certain lines and songs.

What’s the best part of the show?

Pizzolo: My favorite part about the show itself is probably the lyrics by Lisa Kron. They’re just really incredible when you think about it. Seeing it once is great but seeing it twice, you really get to see every part of it that you wish.

Trimarchi: My ultimate favorite part is “Flying Away,” which is the finale. It’s a really beautiful song, [a] three-part harmony, where the three Alison’s come together and sing this awesome song at the end of the show. It’s very uplifting and it pretty much just ties everything together and ends the show on a positive note.

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