Convention will be costly in many ways

Vote no on Constitutional Convention


While a state constitutional convention sounds like a good idea, the truth is that it isn’t. We need to vote no this November.

A convention could make changes affecting nearly everyone. Many of the protections we have are due to our current state constitution. Millions of unionized workers could see their right to collective bargaining affected. Civil service positions could be impacted.

Also at stake — public education, the environment, pension rights and the right to unionize. These issues are critical to millions of citizens, and we cannot put them at risk.

Then there’s the money. Millions of taxpayer dollars would be wasted. Many of the delegates to past conventions have been elected officials and political insiders. Since delegates receive a stipend, it means that elected officials who serve as delegates are, essentially, double dipping. Those extra dips are costly. Delegates would receive compensation equal to that of a state Assembly member. That amount is currently $79,500. I don’t begrudge officials their salary. I do mind giving them this salary twice.

Change can be necessary and good, but change must be carefully considered. It’s in our best interest to vote no on a constitutional convention. We don’t want to pay double to delegates for work that could be done in the Assembly and Senate. More importantly, we don’t want to endanger the rights for which people have fought for many, many years.

Save the taxpayers’ money and save the taxpayers’ rights. Vote no for the constitutional convention this year.

Martha Meskutovecz



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